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Tiered Service Delivery Model

The tiered service delivery model is a standard part of Applied Behavior Analysis. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, or BACB, has guidelines that govern the practice of ABA and the field as a science. These guidelines are implemented to ensure that all who benefit from ABA do so to the highest standard. As such, the BACB regulates the service delivery model to assure every client is getting the most up-to-date, scientifically proven treatment.

A BCBA or BCBA-D have graduate-level experience in the field of ABA, have taken the certification exam, and are expected to complete continuing education credits in the field. They are trusted to oversee the entire program for each client they take on: they guide the treatment plan and make sure it is the most effective in accordance with all scientific data.

A BCaBA, like a BCBA or BCBA-D, are also allowed to create treatment plans. They have collegiate-level training in a field like Psychology and have also taken a certification exam. They are directly supervised by BCBA or BCBA-D who ultimately has the final say, but BCaBAs are capable and qualified to create and supervise treatment plans for clients.

Lead therapists in the field have significant experience but do not have the certifications or education requirements to be a BCBA. Oftentimes, lead therapists are in school to continue a career in the field of ABA. They oversee the implementation of the program, and are the consultant's right hand.

Line therapists, or behavior technicians, are trained to implement the program and treatment plan that the BCBA or BCaBA creates. They are qualified--soon to be nationally by a competency exam created by the BACB itself--in the areas necessary to practice ABA, including direct treatment, ethical issues, and everything in between.


The tiered service delivery model is effective by providing every client a qualified treatment plan and cost-effective resources to implement it. Behavior technicians implement the program and recommendations that the BCBAs provide them.


*photo from BACB "Health Plan Coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder", 2012. 

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