Welcome to Carolina Coast Behavioral Services, LLC!

We develop and implement unique programs for social, language, academic, self-help, motor, and related skills. 


We have been working with Carolina Coast Behavioral Services for over four years. The quality and professionalism of the therapists cannot be overstated. Every therapist we have had in our home has been smart, thoughtful, polite and truly interested in our son’s progress.  --Mother of a 7 year old current client diagnosed with PDD-NOS.

 “Shannon Doughty has the confidence and patience to guide children into positive behavior patterns. My therapists have followed [her] example and gained a deep understanding of behavior modification.”--Mother to 2-year-old with autism

 “Clear, concise programs…which influenced [our son’s] quality of life on a daily basis…made it possible for the staff to carry [recommendations] out with consistency and resulted in success for all… readily available… one of the wonderful people in our lives to help us on our road with our very challenged son.”

--Mother to 14-year-old with autism and attentional/behavioral concerns


“Convenient home visits, flexible scheduling, …awesome ABA therapists, and good follow-up with therapists to ensure goals are being met…we appreciate how everything is running so smoothly.”  --Mother to 4-year-old with PDD-NOS


“I believe [Dr. Doughty] only wants what is best for her clients.”  --Mother to 3-year-old with autism


“Excellent training…very professional…would definitely recommend [and] use again.”

--Service coordinator for adults with intellectual disabilities


“One day, [we] would really like to personally explain to your children what you did for [our child].”  --recent correspondence from parents to a [now] 17-year-old, a client from age 4-7


 “Hey, this stuff really works!”

--Yes, a true quote! An email from a parent of a preschooler with behavior problems at school


“I’ve begun to play with [my child] more and his pretending skills have skyrocketed…that is amazing!!! Yay for ABA!!!!   -- An email from a parent of a child with global developmental delays


“[My child] did a great job of sitting and listening at circle time and following directions throughout the day. And best of all, he played with [his friends] the whole time during recess... And … [a child] was crying at some point… [and my son] went over, all on his own, put his arm around her, and said, ‘That's okay; I'll sit beside you.’   I was so proud, I had to share.”  --A parent of a child, a current client, with autism after seeing her son at a typical preschool


My 8-year old son was diagnosed with Sensory integration disorder, depression, and anxiety at age 3; ADHD at age 4; and Asperger’s [Syndrome] at age 7.  [It was] unimaginable for us as parents…That is when we were fortunate enough to find Carolina Coast Behavioral Services.  We have been working with Dr. Doughty and her staff for about 18 months and the progress my child has made is absolutely amazing [he has grown] leaps and bounds and we could have never done it without CCBS.  We are so grateful for our relationship with the company.  The therapists are well trained, consistent and really care about my child, and that is the best part: to finally have someone I can trust with my child and that my child trusts in return...  CCBS has helped us and works with the school to make sure my child is on track and that teachers are well informed about what needs to be done for my child at school in order to be successful…Bottom line, CCBS has made a positive impact on my family’s life; we are now more informed and educated as parents.  It is our privilege to have such a strong and compassionate team on our side.   -–Parent of a current CCBS client with multiple diagnosed disabilities



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phone: 843-259-8853; fax: 888-808-4249
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