Welcome to Carolina Coast Behavioral Services, LLC!

We develop and implement unique programs for social, language, academic, self-help, motor, and related skills. 

Description of Services


Dr. Doughty and her team have experience working with individuals with special needs
across the life span: toddlers, elementary-age children, adolescents, adults, and the
elderly. The principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) are used apply to each of
these groups. Dr. Doughty and colleagues have conducted and published research in
premier behavior analysis journals with these populations. Research and clinical interests
include problem behavior such as aggression, self-injury, oppositional behavior, and self-
stimulatory behavior, as well as skill acquisition, fluency, and task generalization.

Dr. Doughty herself works as a consultant and supervisor and has a team of qualified
consultants, lead therapists, and line therapists.

Dr. Doughty directly trains and supervises all lead therapists and board certified
consultants to provide the best services possible.

CCBS is an approved BabyNet, Medicaid waiver (PDD Waiver and ID/MR Waiver), and
Tricare provider. We are in-network for a number of private insurances and add more as
the need arises with clients (e.g., BCBS and BCBS-SC/CBA, UBH, United, Aetna). We
is willing to contract privately with families, schools, and local disability boards. Her
services may be covered by private insurance under Ryan’s law (contact your insurance
company for more information).

The individuals served by CCBS have a wide-range of diagnoses.
Some of the children (elementary-age) have no intellectual disabilities
and, in some cases, no diagnosed condition, but may be described
as “inattentive,” “oppostional,” “defiant,” “unmotivated,” or have “sensory,” “anger-
management,” or “emotional” issues. We work closely with parents of these special-
needs and typically developing children to teach behavior management skills.

We recognize each person as an individual and get to know the individual through an
assessment period prior to making recommendations.

We are very committed to using evidence-based practices and will provide feedback
about current programming already in place. We can maintain the successful aspects of
any existing programming while recommending needed changes.

We will provide most of the services in the natural environment (e.g., home, school)
in all of Charleston County, as well as parts of Dorchester and Berkeley Counties (and
sometimes beyond).


P.O. Box 80901
Charleston, SC 29416
phone: 843-259-8853; fax: 888-808-4249
email: shannon.doughty@ccbs-sc.com