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We develop and implement unique programs for social, language, academic, self-help, motor, and related skills. 

About Us


Carolina Coast Behavioral Services (CCBS) is a South Carolina LLC started by Shannon S. Doughty PhD, BCBA-D (doctorate-level board certified behavior analyst), in 2005. Our mission is to serve children, adolescents, and families with the best possible care with a focus on ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy. We strive to use evidence-based practices and help children to reach their fullest potential by gaining practical life and communicative skills and developing and extending healthy social relationships as a result.

Teach language, social, self-help, academic, imitation, and other important skills to children with developmental deficits due to autism spectrum disorders or other related developmental disabilities.
Use ABA methods to decrease problem behavior (both more “minor” and more severe) and teach adaptive replacement behaviors.
Generalize learned skills to social and school environments.
Provide behavioral recommendations to the family regarding general behavior or specific goals (e.g., toilet training).
Training and supervision of ABA therapists.
Family, teacher, staff, and other support system training.
Regular team meetings (the family is welcome and encouraged to attend).
Extensive data collection and analysis in order to monitor ongoing success.
Follow-ups, re-evaluation, and program modifications to further monitor and ensure success.
School meetings, trainings, or other support
Program audits

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P.O. Box 80901
Charleston, SC 29416
phone: 843-259-8853; fax: 888-808-4249
email: shannon.doughty@ccbs-sc.com